Note For Parents

  • To get the best from the school for your child, you are requested to maintain close
    contact with the school.
  • We earnestly recommend that you look into your ward’s school diary every day and
    ensure that the lessons and homework assigned for the day are done.
  • Remarks put down in the diary should be seen and signed regularly by you.
  • Do spend quality time with your child every day.
  • Keenly observe your child’s activities throughout the day, his/her movements and behavior in and outside the home. They should be made to feel free with you so as to not hide any activity or friendship.
  • Avoid labeling and condemning children, Comments like ‘ You are dull’, you will never improve, etc. destroys the future of children. Such children react negatively to the family and others.
  • Create a cordial family atmosphere at home. Children learn to respect and recognition from the behavior of parents.
  • Appreciate your child’s achievements (taking the aptitude of your child into consideration) before telling him your expectations. In this way, he will improve his performance.
  • Help your child cultivate physical neatness. This will enhance the clarity of thoughts to a very large extent.
  • Help your child speak an impressive language and become humble & polite.
  • Help your child inculcate reading habits and minimize TV viewing.
  • As your child grows, guide him/her to become a resourceful and useful member of the home, school, and country. Encourage self-help for work and study. He/she should be taught to do some housework. The formation of such habits early in life inculcates in academic exigency and a graceful of work.
  • Him/ Her high ideals of the dignity of work in its manners and speech will keep him/her ALWAYS AHEAD.
  • When your child is unable to attend the class on account of illness or the like, you are expected to collect the work either from school/telephonically from other sources, so that he/she does not lag behind.
  • As the medium of instruction in the school is English, help your child to follow work easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular conversation in English at home.
  • If you feel that your child is not making desired progress contact the school.

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