Vision & Mission

As Vedic affirm says yatha dristi, tatha sristi”.

As the vision so the world appears to you. If your vision is narrow and disturbed, the world also seems to be filled with strife. If the vision is broad and love-filled, so too is your world.

Our Vision

Manas Bhumi Sr. Sec. School aims to be a school of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of tomorrow. We envision imparting a holistic education for the children of multicultural communities of our society to be good citizens of essence and quality for a better tomorrow that we can live with peace and love.

Learn today. Lead tomorrow.

Our Mission

In order that we achieve this vision, Manas Bhumi Sr. Sec. School creates an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potentials. Every student must try to maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In particular, he/she must attain the highest academic standards to be competent in any chosen field.

Our Mission is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential whilst nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Not just providing academic values be enough but we believe that Manas Bhumi Sr. Sec. School should strive hard at the comprehensive and multidimensional development of every student who schools out of Manas Bhumi Sr. Sec. School.
Teachers, students, and parents, collectively called the “MBS community of learners” must try creating

  • An understanding and appreciation of India’s rich culture
  • A sense of integrity, ethics, and uncompromising honesty
  • A strong secular ethos
  • Leadership, with a sense of teamwork and fair play
  • An awareness of the environment
  • A concern for the less fortunate
  • A concern for human rights and democratic values
  • A questioning mind and a spirit of adventure

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