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“An education that confines itself to impart knowledge alone is no education” - Shri Aurobindo

In the modern world, in spite of the emerging new paradigm of education, there is a tendency to interpret education solely in terms of academic excellence. However, real education is that which goes beyond imparting only knowledge and aims at making the children under our care accomplished citizens of tomorrow.

The burgeoning period of children is critical for their development and therefore pre-schools should cater to the developmental needs of the children by providing a strong foundation for fostering basic potentialities among children. This will be our endeavor at Manas Bhumi Sr. Sec. School. We are committed to making the wonder years of your child’s schooling joyous and enriching one. We look forward to your unflagging and bounteous support. As partners in this mission and striving to the same goal, we are assured that this small step is the first in rendering countless years of service to society.

Nagendra Kumar

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