Manas Bhumi Sr. Sec. School has been conceived to enshrine an integrated development of every child and to satisfy the highest educational expectations of Bihar’s tremendous intellectual resources. We aim to provide every child with a truly holistic education while ensuring they have a joyful and exuberant schooling experience at the MBS campus.
We are proud to be known for making education the most affordable and scalable of people of all walks in Nalanda, The land of Knowledge. We live in an interconnected and intricate world that is transitioning at an unprecedented pace. Crafting our children with precision and clear vision is important to succeed in this challenging environment that entails a flexible and real-world based approach to education.

 Manas Bhumi Sr. Sec. School is relevant where it requires a dynamic school that can turn learning into a life-long journey of enquiry and discovery, culminating in knowledge.

We ensure we house the best faculty for achieving our established vision for tomorrow in your children. We believe the MBS community of learners; teachers, students, and parents get an incredible opportunity to examine change, explore the interconnectedness of issues and develop a global perspective.
We continue to strive to lend a great learning experience with state of the art infrastructure, excellent academic results, multi-sports space, and co-curricular activities.

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